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What is English Bridle Leather and why is it so great

October 30, 2020 2 min read

back of brown English Bridle Leather

English Bridle leather is commonly used on horse tack or saddlery products often seen in Rodeos or other horse related events. It's known for its beauty and deep rich tans that last forever if taken care. But one question you may have is why is it so great? Why are products that are made from English bridle leather so expensive. Here is a brief and commonly known fun fact(s) about the leather and how it’s tanned. 

Brown English Bridle Leather


English bridle leather originates as far back as the 1900’s but could even be older. It's avegetable tanned leather that is generally very heavy in a wax like appearance. In the early days the leather was generally thick as it was made primarily for horse bridles due to its longevity and natural beauty. Now a days English bridle is used in a lot of products such asleather bible covers and is available is much thinner or small oz leather. The origin of English Bridle comes exactly from its name “English” so England. In recent years, the leather has become vastly popular in other fashion industries such as Mens and Womens leather belts, shoes and small trims. The leather is sought after due to its strong characteristics and resistance to weather. 


English Bridle Leather with snap


Tanning the leather is very time consuming and also labor intensive which is why it can be very expensive and mostly used on custom products. When selecting cow hides, generally the tannery will have a high level of standard when selecting and only select the finest and most consistent hides paying the most attention to the thickness and any imperfections due to the amount of work dedicated to making the finished product.

Hope you enjoyed a few of these fun facts about English Bridle leather. There are a lot of great products out there utilizing this leather. One thing is for sure, if it's true and authentic bridle leather you will have a product that will most likely last a lifetime!