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5 reasons to find a good fitting and quality bible cover

October 24, 2020 3 min read

5 reasons to find a good fitting and quality bible cover

5 reasons to find a good fitting and quality bible cover

Finding the right cover makes all the difference for long term protection of your bible. Here are a quick 5 reasons you should consider having a cover that is made to fit. 





The old saying “You get what you pay for”

The first reason is you need to find a good quality bible cover. Many covers coming from overseas tend to be a little more on the generic side which can lead to a wide range on how they will fit. You know the saying you get what you pay for? That can be true to some covers you may find onAmazon andEbay.  

Loose fit issues

Loose fit bible covers is probably the most common issue you will find. It's easy for a manufacturer to accept larger tolerances that are too tight of tolerances as they know a consumer will most likely still use the cover even if it's a little big. But wait, a cover that is too big can even cause some issues sometimes. An example of this could be that your bible falls out of the cover when you are not expecting it, scraping across the gravel or asphalt parking lot. Or your bible will tend to shift inside the cover when being used. This can cause some excessive wear on the bible itself. It’s always good to not have a bible cover that fits to lose because it can defeat the purpose of having a bible cover in the first place. 

To tight issues

If a bible cover is fitting too tight this can put some stress on the structure of the bible. Areas of stress could be the bible might have troubles closing. This can cause the outer cover to bow or be damaged over time. A bible cover being too tight can even cause some pages to be exposed, kind of defeating the purpose of a cover that is there for protection. If you find your bible cover too tight, it is probably best not to use it and seek a cover that is fitted properly. 

Colour fastness issues

Another thing to think about is kind of silly but happens a lot is color migration orcolour fastness issues. Have you ever had a shirt or pant bleed onto other clothes in the dryer? The same can be said for leather bible colors if a low quality leather is used for manufacturing. Black dyed leather can tend to leave a faint hint of black on your hand when handled, especially if your hands happen to be sweaty. Good quality bible covers will most likely be made out of the color fasten dye that is made more for garment standard manufacturing or for high quality saddlery products used in the horse industry. 

Durability issues

A Lot of the less expensive bible covers will just fall apart over a short period of time. Although the quality of products coming out of some Asian countries have greatly improved some people may remember back in the 90’s when you would get a PU (fake leather) bible cover that would last just about as long as it would take to put the cover on your bible. The edge piping would just peel off. 

Long story short. We make only quality bible covers that are made here in the USA and would only sell covers that we would want for our own personal bibles. If you have any question or would like to know more about ourcustom bible covers. Please reach out to us via email or phone!