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Our shop specializes in making hand made, made to order bible covers and more! We are a small family based business located in Sherwood, Oregon. Check out our variety of unique English Bridle leather bible covers and custom printed synthetic leather bible covers. All made to fit your bibles exact measurements.

Our Craft

Bible Cover Sewing

Durable Sewing that Last

Our products are manufactured to last. We use durable saddle grade nylon threads in all of our bible covers and leather products. We have a variety of machines that include a traditional straight stitch to a programmable digital tacker.

Bible Cover Leather Cutting

Made to fit your Bible

From trial and error, we found to achieve the perfect "glove like fit" we needed a piece of machinery that would provide precision cuts. Every custom bible cover is cut using a calculated formula, then cut digitally using a flat bed cutter.

Bible Cover Measuring Made to Fit

Quality Check before Shipping

Before shipping, we do a thorough quality check making sure your bible cover will fit the measurements you provided. And of course, if something is not correct please contact us.


We started our business selling our hand made bible covers and other products on Etsy and are grateful for the opportunity this company has given us to expand to our current operation. If you would like to check out our shop and reviews just click here.


Hand made in the USA. Its hard to find covers that fit right. Every custom bible cover is "made to fit" to your bibles specifications. We use quality dual spring snap closures that are always set perfectly for a long lasting durable leather bible cover. Made from the best USA sourced and tanned English Bridle Leather, this leather has been treated with a wax base finish for maximum weather resisant properties, same grade used on high end saddle products. All bible covers are finished and stitched with a heavy industrial grade long lasting nylon thread. 


We know personalization is important. That's why we offer the most unique embossing process for your leather bible cover. We have developed a custom embossing process that is normally very expensive and typically only used for large production runs now available for "one off" customization.  With our custom options, you can create personal artwork or message to be embossed directly on your bible cover. This is not laser engraving, letter stamping or printing. It's a real embossing service that presses your text, logo, images or designs into high quality English Bridle leather. We make each tool individually, setting up the perfect tooling for your custom bible cover. You can emboss any logo, font, graphic or design.

Black Leather Bible Cover with Cross


Our bible covers are made to last a life time. Made with weather resistant English Bridle leather, the saddle grade leather and thread makes for a cover that will form fit to your bible and will only get better with age. Each bible cover is custom made to fit your bible, we have a calculated formula for making a perfect tight fit. We take pride in our craftsmanship and make sure every bible cover is what we would expect for our own personal bibles.