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Digital Embossing on Leather Bible Covers

October 23, 2020 2 min read

Embossed Leather Bible Covers

Digital Embossing on Leather Bible Covers

You might ask, how can we do custom embossing on one off bible covers? Let’s start with the basics of what embossing is.



Leather Embossing

Leather embossing is a process of stamping an impression into leather to make a name, logo or graphic. The process of embossing has been around for many years. This process is often seen on materials such and paper, leather and some PU base artificial leather materials and even plastics. For leather specifically, most embossing requires expensive tooling for the initial design, so one off customization is generally not available unless its preexisting generic lettering. 

The Technique of Embossing

In general embossing is done in firmer leather such as vegetable tanned leathers or wax based tanned leathers as they can take a long lasting impression through the stamping process. There are some trade tricks such as soaking the leather in water or conditioning the leather with fats and oils to achieve better impressions as well. Traditionally, a stamping plate or mallet tool is made either by a casted mold or a CNC machine. One the tool is made with a press or hammer is used to make the impression. You can see more aboutleather embossingon several DIY websites across the internet. 

Bound for Truth’s  Custom Digital Embossing

So we use a process we call “digital embossing” which harvests the images from our online customizer to convert them to a workable file to create a one off tool just for yourpersonalized bible cover. It's pretty unique preparatory process that allows us to quickly and efficiently make fast personalized leather bible covers ready to ship to you in typically 72 hours or less. 

Tips on the for creating the best Leather embossing artwork

A good rule of thumb is to remember we are making a stamp. Try to avoid extremely detailed artwork. The bolder the fonts the better. Although we can make some pretty detailed staples that look amazing, less detailed logs and larger fonts seam to look better in general. Just remember we are always happy to help! Feel free tocontact us if you have any questions or concerns!