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Bible covers that fit like a glove

October 23, 2020 2 min read

Bible covers that fit like a glove

How we can get our leather bible cover to fit like a glove. 



Bound for truth is unique in that we make each of ourcustom bible covers to fit directly to your bible specifications. You might ask, how we can make a custom fitted bible cover and not actually have the bible in hand for the fitting? Good question and we are happy to explain. :) We have broken down the 5 steps to making a custom fitted bible cover without actually having the bible in person. 

Step 1. 

All bibles have a length, width and spine measurement. We carefully figured out how to make  a calculated formula based on these specifications. So step number 1 would be to carefully measure your bible. Please note we only need measurements in increments of 1/8ths of an inch, anything small would surpass our level of tolerance in production. 

Step 2. 

We create the formula based on what we call the “wrap” theory. We basically take the length first and add .5 of an inch to the measurement to allow for the stitchline. This will be the overall height measurement for the bible covers rectangular shape. Then we have to find the measurement for the wrap. We do this by taking the width and spine measurements and multiplying them by 2. So if we had a 5 inch width and 1 inch spine we would need the numbers 10 and 2. Then we add the 10 and 2 together and also add the flap (with snaps) measurements. In most cases this would be 2-3 inches. So the final formula would be 10+2+3 which would equal 15. So our overall cover measurement would be the length +.5 by 15. You can find more information aboutbible measurements on the web. 

Step 3. 

We make the internal pockets to the exact height as the cover length. The internal pockets serve as the inserts for the bible to slide into. Each pocket is carefully stitched directly to the cover with a ¼ inch inset from the outer edge. This makes for a tight exact fit. 

Step 4. 

After the stitching is completed, We then have to find the perfect placement for the snap holes to be punched so the snaps can be set in the correct place for a tight fit when the bible cover is closed shut. We do this by taking inside measurement marks on the inside of the bible cover marking the exact location of where the bible's spine will fall. After measurements are marked we then make sharp folds which crease the leather, giving the bible cover its shape. From there we now can mark the location of the snap closures, punch the holes and set the snaps for a perfect fit. 

Step 5. 

We then do a final measurement check and overall quality check. We make sure the snaps close securely and that the measurements align with the customers given measurements with the order. 

We hope you found this information helpful! Another great article if you need bible repair can be found by clicking thebible repair link. 

If you have any questions please feel free toemail us and we would be happy to assist!