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Bible Covers for Women

March 17, 2021 2 min read

Bible Covers for Women

Bible covers for women can be a somewhat challenging task. Not only are you faced with finding a bible cover that fits but also you want to find one that she likes as well. With so many options available online and in the store its good to have some tips on what to look for and the price point that fits your budget. Below we will cover 5 things to look for when searching for that perfect bible cover for yourself or that special someone in your life. 

Find the right size bible cover that fits her bible

This is probably the most important thing to remember. Nothing is more frustrating that to order a product that doesn't fit well. A simple solution could be to visit a brick and mortar Christian bookstoreor book store but the selection most likely will be limited. If you happen to find one great but if you are left searching online make sure you find a bible cover that specifically give the length, width and spine thickness. Some will give a generic size like small, medium, large or XL but be careful as these sizes will vary quite a bit as most are made overseas. 

Find a good material 

Leather is always a great traditional material, although leather may be limited on colors or designs. Nylon is great, this kind of bible cover most of the time is really a bible case as they will have a full zipper closure, so make sure this is the style you are looking for. Polyester will be the cheapest option but depending on the type of polyester this can be good material too. Look for a heavier denier as this will provide the most durability and longevity. 

Look for a bible cover that has a color or design that she likes

If you take to looking on google shopping or amazon you will find an endless amount of options. Another great place to look for a bible cover is Etsy. Etsy is perfect if you are looking for a handmade bible cover or something really unique or even personalized. When looking or shopping make sure to use the filter option in the search. Often you can filter down to color, pattern, size and even material. There is even great bible cover for women options found on our website Bound for Truth or on our Etsy shop page. 

Look for a good return policy

Always remember to look for a good return policy. If for some reason the bible cover doesn't fit see if the supplier or maker will accept a return or possibly provide a replacement for one that does fit. Custom bible cover might not be returnable but just make sure that the maker will guarantee the fitment.