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Bible covers for Men

March 18, 2021 2 min read

Bible covers for Men

Searching for a bible cover for a man might be a little easier task than searching for a bible cover for a woman. Men are typically drawn towards a simple or plain look that can be found just about everywhere but there are some pretty cool creative bible covers that might just be the perfect fit.  

Leather or Fabric? 

When choosing a material for a men's bible cover you need to consider what type of environment or conditions the bible might endure during its life. Leather is a great option for durability and longevity provided it's a good saddle grade leather. Some leather bible covers might be a leather mix or even a fake leather, those covers tend to not last as long. Also, leather bible covers tend to have open ends so the pages are exposed to the elements. If your bible is not going to be in a dirty or dusty environment then an open end leather cover would be a great option. 

Fabric bible covers come in a lot of different options. Both open end and full zipper options. Similar to the leather bible cover designs, fabric open ends will typically have a snap or Velcro closure to secure the bible inside. Fabric bible covers also commonly have a full zipper closure.This is a great option if he is looking for complete protection as a full zipper will seal the bible completely shut protecting it from any dust or dirt or possible page damage you might get from an open end bible cover. A disadvantage to this is the full zipper fabric bible covers tend to have a more generic fit and do fit loosely sometimes but if the bible is secured with a zipper closure this may not matter. 

Bible cover designs for men

There are some great bible cover designs out there. Whether you are looking for American flags, Crosses, or just a rustic look you have lots of options. Many American flag bible covers have the flag designs hand painted or embossed directly into the leather, which provides that unique traditional look. Crosses are definitely the most popular. Most bible covers will have crossed embossed or debossed into the material or even screen printed or foil stamped. You can also find a variety of bible covers with cool designs that will have a mountain landscape or even elk or deer printed on them, 

Personalization with a name or initial 

If you are looking for a personalized men’s bible cover. You can find a ton of options on Etsy or custom leather makers online. Personalization options can be custom printing, embossing, foil stamping, hand painting or even leather burning with a laser engraver. Many of these crafters will offer names, initials and even picture quality customization. 

When considering buying a men's bible cover, just do your research and check out all the options, and you will be sure to find one that will be the perfect fit.