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All the different types of Bible Covers

November 02, 2020 3 min read

All the different types of Bible Covers

If you are in the search of a bible cover, here is a quick guide to all the different types you might find on the internet. Bible cover can range in material, quality, style and price. In this article we layout all the options as well as the price breakdowns. Purchasing a bible cover is a great way to protect and cherish the most important book in the world. 

Option 1. 

The Cloth bible cover with zipper closure - Price $10 - 20. 


Fabric Bible Cover

This is probably the least expensive option. These bible covers have a generic fit and are more of a case rather than a cover. Protection is excellent in that your bible is fully enclosed with a full length zipper on 3 sides of the case. Most of the time these covers are going to be imported from a Asian country and be on the more mainstream markets such as Amazon, ebay or Wal-Mart. Quality might be ok but a good option for someone looking for the most affordable option. A good thing to point out, they generally fit big so you would have lots of room for extra stuff such as a notepad, pens, pencils, highlighters or iphone storage. Also, these covers have endless options in patterns and prints and generally can be very colorful. 

Option 2. 

A full zipper enclosed leather or artificial leather bible cover - Price $20 - 40


Leather full zipper bible cover


Like the cloth one, same style and design, just made with a stronger material such as leather or faux leather. Again generic fit and more of a case rather than a tight fitting cover for your bible. From a protection standpoint, the protection will be excellent as it's a full 3 sided zipper closure with a more durable material for abrasion and tear resistance. Most you see will be made in China or some other Asian country. Quality will be hit or miss so read the reviews on Amazon. Colors generally will be basic colors with maybe an option to personalize using a pad or foil printing

Option 3. 

Leather wrap bible covers - Price $40 - 60


Leather Wrap bible cover

Leather wrap bible covers can be found on websites such as Etsy or any custom made sites. These bible covers are made from real leather that are typically 4-6 oz in weight. The covers are still a generic fit but are available in sizes so you can find the best and closest size suited for your existing bible. The bible cover wraps are authentic looking and resemble a lot of something you could have seen in the early times due to the simple design and no metal hardware closures. The closure is just a simple wrap that can be tied in place to secure your bible shut. A great classic look. 

Option 4. 

Fit leather bible covers with no closure - Price $40 - 60


Open end leather bible cover


Fit leather bible covers with no closures are exact fit bible covers that actually look like the cover of your bible. These bible covers do not close shut and are held together by two pockets for the front and back cover of your bible to slide into. You can generally find these covers on hand made good sites such as Etsy or Amazon handmade or even Facebook MarketPlace. Personalization can vary from gold foil stamping to a generic letter embossing. Like the leather wrap covers these bible covers are made with leather that have a thickness weight of 4-6 oz. 

Option 5. 

Custom leather bible covers - Price $60 - 120


Custom leather bible cover

Custom Leather bible covers are a cover that are custom made for your bible. These can vary in design but are generally hand made from high quality leather such as English Bridle or some high end vegetable tanned leathers. You can find these custom bible covers on Etsy or custom websites. What great about these is you get the high quality leather and protection with a full closure. Closures can vary from spring snaps to a full leather zip. On custom bible covers, generally these will be domestically made with USA sourced and tanned leather. Personalization varies from foil stamping, screen printing and even full custom embossing.