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What Is the Difference Between a Bible Cover Versus a Bible Case?

May 17, 2021 4 min read

What Is the Difference Between a Bible Cover Versus a Bible Case?


About 35% of people who own a bible say that they read it weekly. When you enjoy reading a book - especially scripture - you want to take care of it. Perhaps you're thinking about getting a bible case or other cover for your bible to protect it. 

So what is a bible case and why do you need one? How is it different from bible covers? 

In this article, you'll learn the difference between bible covers and cases and how to choose the right one for you. 

Why Protect Your Bible

It's important to protect your bible with a case or a cover for several reasons. 

If you're carrying your bible from place to place, even around your home, it might likely get scratched or dented. The pages may become torn or ripped out and even fall out if the spine is not protected. If you love your bible and want to care for it, covering it is a great way to ensure it stays intact. 

A bible cover or case can save you money. This is especially true if you spent a lot of money on a bible and want to protect its value. 

Are you in a bible study and want to keep your materials together? Is organization important to you? Bible cases with pockets allow you to put everything in pockets - pens and papers - whatever you have so everything stay together.  

What is A Bible Case? 

A bible case functions as a "case" or organizer for your bible. This means that it likely has pockets (inside and outside), zippers, compartments, and so forth. These areas are perfect for storing anything like pens, markers, highlighters, other bible books or literature, cards, and anything else you might want to have on hand. 

If you travel a lot for work, especially if you're a pastor, bible teacher, or another clergy, a bible case may be perfect for traveling. Keeping all your notes, sermons, and teaching materials together makes it easy to find what you're looking for when you need it.

Some bible cases can be hard, but most are soft and made of cloth or leather. They usually have handles that make them easy to carry and you store your entire bible inside and open it without ever taking it out of the case. 

Cases look different for men and women. Some cases resemble purses or bags for women, which means they can carry other items in their bible case as well. 

Bible cases come in an endless supply of shapes, patterns, sizes, and so forth. You'll likely find something that fits your need and preference. A leather bible case provides a sophisticated and classy look and holds up well under heavy use. 

What is A Bible Cover?

While you may not think there might not be a large difference between covers and cases, there is. 

Cases are more about protection and organization, whereas covers are more concerned with protecting the outside of your bible. You store your bible inside the cover and the cover usually zips around the entire bible or you button or snap it closed. It may have inside or outside pockets, but its main purpose is to cover the bible to protect it from damage. 

As with bible cases, there's no shortage of colors, patterns, and materials when it comes to choosing a bible case that fits your likes. You can choose from leather, cloth, or even have it engraved with your initials or favorite bible verse to personalize it further. 

Choosing A Bible Case

The decision to choose between a bible case or a cover is not always clear. You should ask yourself a few questions: what are you using it for and how often do you use your bible?

If an organization is a key component for you, then a bible case is the way to go. Bible cases are great for people who are heavily involved in bible studies, seminary, or another schooling, or just love to learn and need materials to do so. Bible cases keep everything conveniently together in one place so you're not searching for all of your things. 

Bible cases don't have to be bulky or awkward. Many are slim and easily portable and may even allow you to carry more than one bible translation if you wish. 

If you're not into a lot of bible study, but take your bible to church or other places for readings, then a bible cover should do the trick. This is especially true if you want to protect the spine or if you find that your bible is falling apart. Even a bible cover will provide a small amount of organization with pockets or compartments, but it won't be to the extent of a bible case. 

You also want to stay in your price range. Make sure that you get something you will use and that you love without overspending. If you plan on keeping your case or cover for many years, it's probably ok to spend a little extra so you don't have to buy another one. 

If you're traveling a lot, as mentioned above, make sure that the case meets the requirements for traveling in the air. You wouldn't want to leave your most valuable possession behind because it can't board the plane!

Bible Case or Bible Cover?

Both a bible case and a bible cover are great choices. Cases offer more organization, while covers protect as well. The best way to decide is to figure out how you use your bible the most and go from there. 

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